Where Do The Cast Of Southern Charm Live

Where Do The Cast of Southern Charm Live: 8 Interesting Facts

Southern Charm is a popular reality television show that follows the lives of a group of socialites in Charleston, South Carolina. The show has garnered a large fan base, with viewers often wondering where the cast members live and what interesting tidbits can be learned about their lives. In this article, we will delve into the whereabouts of the cast of Southern Charm, along with some intriguing facts and details about their personal lives.

1. Patricia Altschul:

Patricia Altschul, the grande dame of Southern Charm, resides in her historic mansion, known as “The Isaac Jenkins Mikell House,” located in the heart of Charleston. This stunning property boasts 11,000 square feet and is a true architectural gem. Patricia enjoys hosting extravagant parties and has become synonymous with Southern refinement on the show.

2. Shep Rose:

Shep Rose, known for his laid-back personality, has settled down in a charming waterfront home on Kiawah Island, just a short drive from downtown Charleston. The property offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and is the perfect retreat for Shep to relax and enjoy the coastal lifestyle.

3. Craig Conover:

Craig Conover, the charismatic lawyer turned pillow entrepreneur, has recently purchased a stunning historic home in the desirable South of Broad neighborhood in Charleston. With its grandeur and elegant design, this property perfectly reflects Craig’s love for classic architecture and timeless style.

4. Austen Kroll:

Austen Kroll, the beer enthusiast and entrepreneur, has chosen to reside in one of Charleston’s vibrant downtown neighborhoods. His modern loft apartment is located in the heart of the city, allowing him to immerse himself in the bustling energy and charm that Charleston has to offer.

5. Kathryn Dennis:

Kathryn Dennis, the dynamic and controversial cast member, has found solace in a beautiful suburban home in Mount Pleasant, a thriving community just outside Charleston. This cozy residence provides a peaceful haven for Kathryn and her children, offering a sense of stability and tranquility in her life.

6. Whitney Sudler-Smith:

Whitney Sudler-Smith, the creator and executive producer of Southern Charm, resides in an elegant townhouse in Charleston’s historic district. This centrally located property allows Whitney to be close to the action while maintaining a sense of privacy and sophistication.

7. Naomie Olindo:

Naomie Olindo, the fashion-forward beauty and owner of a local clothing boutique, has established herself in a chic downtown apartment in Charleston. With its trendy decor and prime location, Naomie’s apartment epitomizes her sense of style and ambition.

8. Madison LeCroy:

Madison LeCroy, the hairstylist and mother, has chosen to live in a cozy suburban home in the West Ashley area of Charleston. This family-friendly neighborhood provides a nurturing environment for Madison and her child, allowing them to enjoy the comfort and tranquility of a tight-knit community.

Now, let’s answer some common questions about the cast members:

1. How old is Patricia Altschul?

As of 2024, Patricia Altschul is 84 years old.

2. What is Shep Rose’s height and weight?

Shep Rose stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 190 pounds.

3. Is Craig Conover married or dating anyone?

As of 2024, Craig Conover is happily married to his long-term partner, Naomie Olindo.

4. Who is Austen Kroll dating?

In 2024, Austen Kroll is in a committed relationship with a fellow Charleston local and has been happily dating her for the past year.

5. How many children does Kathryn Dennis have?

As of 2024, Kathryn Dennis has two children, a son and a daughter.

6. What is Whitney Sudler-Smith’s profession?

Whitney Sudler-Smith is a filmmaker and producer, best known for creating and executive producing Southern Charm.

7. Where is Naomie Olindo’s clothing boutique located?

Naomie Olindo’s clothing boutique, L’Abeye, is located in downtown Charleston.

8. How many seasons of Southern Charm have aired?

As of 2024, there have been ten seasons of Southern Charm.

9. What is Madison LeCroy’s current profession?

Madison LeCroy continues to work as a hairstylist but has also launched her own line of hair care products.

10. Is Patricia Altschul still involved in the Charleston social scene?

While Patricia Altschul remains a prominent figure in Charleston, she has started to shift her focus towards philanthropy and supporting various charitable causes.

11. Does Shep Rose still own his bar, The Palace Hotel?

No, Shep Rose sold The Palace Hotel in 2022 and has since ventured into other business opportunities.

12. Has Craig Conover expanded his pillow business?

Yes, Craig Conover’s pillow business, Sewing Down South, has flourished over the years, and he now offers a wide range of home decor items.

13. What happened to Austen Kroll’s beer brand, Trop Hop?

Austen Kroll decided to sell Trop Hop in 2023 to pursue new ventures in the beverage industry.

14. Are Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover still friends?

Yes, Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover have maintained a close friendship despite their romantic relationship coming to an end.

15. Is Kathryn Dennis still involved in politics?

As of 2024, Kathryn Dennis has taken a step back from politics and is focusing on her personal life and raising her children.

16. Does Whitney Sudler-Smith plan to create more reality TV shows?

While Whitney Sudler-Smith continues to be involved in the entertainment industry, he has shifted his focus towards producing documentaries and scripted series.

17. Will there be more seasons of Southern Charm?

As of 2024, the future of Southern Charm remains uncertain, but fans are hopeful for additional seasons to come.

In summary, the cast of Southern Charm lives in various locations within and around Charleston, each reflecting their unique personalities and lifestyles. From lavish mansions to trendy apartments, these cast members have found their own havens in the vibrant city. As the show continues to captivate audiences, fans eagerly follow the cast’s personal journeys, both on and off the screen.


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