Most Expensive Restaurants In Florida

Title: Indulge in Opulence: Exploring the Most Expensive Restaurants in Florida


Florida, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant culture, is also home to a plethora of remarkable fine dining establishments. These culinary havens not only offer exquisite cuisine but also provide an extravagant experience that lingers in your memory. In this article, we will delve into the most expensive restaurants in Florida, where every bite is a symphony of flavors and every moment is an opulent affair. Additionally, we will explore some interesting facts about these establishments and provide answers to commonly asked questions.

1. Victoria & Albert’s (Orlando):

Nestled within Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Victoria & Albert’s offers an unparalleled dining experience. With a seven-course prix fixe menu and impeccable service, this restaurant has received the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award every year since 2000.

2. The Forge (Miami Beach):

The iconic Forge in Miami Beach is a haven for celebrities and high-profile individuals. Known for its lavish décor and extensive wine cellar, The Forge offers a blend of classic and contemporary cuisine, making it a timeless dining destination.

3. Bern’s Steak House (Tampa):

For over six decades, Bern’s Steak House has been a Tampa institution. Renowned for its perfectly aged steaks and an extensive wine list boasting over 6,800 selections, this establishment is a paradise for steak enthusiasts.

4. Addison Reserve Country Club (Delray Beach):

Situated within a prestigious golf community, Addison Reserve Country Club boasts an elegant setting and an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant offers a luxurious ambiance and a menu that showcases the finest ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable evening.

5. Valentino Cucina Italiana (Fort Lauderdale):

Valentino Cucina Italiana is a culinary gem that takes Italian cuisine to new heights. Chef Giovanni Rocchio’s innovative approach to traditional Italian dishes, combined with an extensive wine selection, creates a dining experience that is both sophisticated and indulgent.

6. The Breakers (Palm Beach):

The Breakers, an iconic luxury hotel in Palm Beach, features several renowned restaurants, including HMF. Offering a chic atmosphere, delectable small plates, and an extensive cocktail menu, HMF perfectly blends modern flair with old-world elegance.

7. Naoe (Miami):

Tucked away in a discreet corner of Brickell Key, Naoe is an intimate, omakase-style restaurant that seats only eight people. Chef Kevin Cory curates an exquisite dining experience with a menu that showcases the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced directly from Japan.

8. Café Boulud (Palm Beach):

Located within The Brazilian Court Hotel, Café Boulud captivates guests with its refined French-American cuisine. Helmed by renowned Chef Daniel Boulud, this restaurant offers an exquisite menu featuring locally sourced ingredients and an extensive wine list.

Interesting Facts about Florida’s Most Expensive Restaurants:

1. Florida’s culinary scene has been thriving, with numerous Michelin-starred chefs opening restaurants in recent years.

2. Many of these high-end establishments embrace sustainable practices and focus on locally sourced ingredients.

3. The most expensive restaurants often offer exclusive chef’s tables and private dining rooms for an intimate experience.

4. Some establishments curate unique wine pairing menus, allowing guests to savor the perfect blend of flavors.

5. Florida’s most expensive restaurants often require advanced reservations due to their limited capacity and high demand.

6. These renowned establishments are a favorite choice for special occasions, romantic dinners, and celebrations.

7. The culinary teams at these restaurants often include internationally acclaimed chefs and sommeliers.

8. In addition to their gastronomic delights, many of these establishments boast breathtaking views, adding to the overall dining experience.

Common Questions about Florida’s Most Expensive Restaurants:

1. How much does a meal at these restaurants typically cost?

The prices can vary, but expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $500 per person, excluding beverages and additional services.

2. Do these restaurants accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, most high-end restaurants are well-versed in accommodating dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

3. Are children allowed in these establishments?

While some restaurants welcome children, it is advisable to check with the restaurant beforehand, as their ambiance is often suited for adults.

4. Can I organize private events or parties at these restaurants?

Yes, many of these restaurants offer private dining rooms or designated spaces for special events, subject to availability and advance reservations.

5. How far in advance should I make a reservation?

It is recommended to make reservations at least a month in advance, although some establishments may require even longer lead times.

6. Are these restaurants open for lunch?

Many of these high-end establishments primarily serve dinner, but a few may offer lunch service as well. It’s best to check their schedules beforehand.

7. Do these restaurants have dress codes?

Yes, most of these restaurants have dress codes that range from smart casual to formal attire. It is advisable to check their specific requirements before visiting.

8. Can I expect vegetarian or vegan options at these restaurants?

Absolutely! Many of these establishments cater to dietary preferences and offer exceptional vegetarian or vegan dishes.

9. Are these restaurants wheelchair accessible?

Most high-end restaurants strive to be accessible to all guests, including those with mobility challenges. However, it is recommended to call the restaurant in advance to confirm.

10. Can I bring my own wine to these restaurants?

While some restaurants may allow corkage for a fee, it is advisable to check their policies beforehand.

11. Can I make special requests or customize my meal?

These esteemed restaurants often strive to accommodate guest preferences and special requests to enhance the dining experience. It is best to communicate any specific requirements in advance.

12. Do these restaurants offer valet parking?

Yes, most high-end establishments provide valet parking services to ensure a seamless dining experience.

13. Are these restaurants suitable for a business dinner?

Absolutely! Many of these restaurants provide a sophisticated atmosphere and exceptional service, making them ideal for business dinners and client meetings.

14. Can I purchase gift certificates for these restaurants?

Yes, gift certificates are often available and make for a luxurious and memorable present.

15. Can I find vegetarian or vegan tasting menus at these restaurants?

While it may vary from restaurant to restaurant, some establishments do offer vegetarian or vegan tasting menus upon request.

16. How long does a typical meal at these restaurants last?

The dining experience at these high-end establishments can range from two to three hours, depending on the number of courses and the pace of service.


Florida’s most expensive restaurants offer a glimpse into a world of culinary excellence, where impeccable service and extraordinary flavors converge. From the enchanting Victoria & Albert’s in Orlando to the intimate Naoe in Miami, these establishments redefine luxury dining. Whether you seek a romantic evening, a celebratory feast, or a gastronomic adventure, these culinary gems will leave an indelible mark on your palate and create cherished memories. Indulge in the finest flavors Florida has to offer and experience the epitome of opulence.


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