Most Expensive Card In Astral Radiance

Most Expensive Card in Astral Radiance: 8 Interesting Facts

The world of trading card games has witnessed a surge in popularity over the years, captivating both casual players and avid collectors alike. Among the vast array of trading card games, Astral Radiance has emerged as one of the most sought-after and beloved franchises. Within this captivating universe, there exists a card that stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of rarity and value. In this article, we will explore the most expensive card in Astral Radiance, uncovering its unique qualities and shedding light on its astonishing price tag. Additionally, we will address sixteen common questions that often arise regarding this illustrious card.

1. The card in question: “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” holds the title of the most expensive card in Astral Radiance. With its stunning artwork and unparalleled abilities, this card has captured the attention of collectors and players worldwide.

2. Rarity and scarcity: The “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” card is an ultra-rare card, making it incredibly difficult to obtain. Only a limited number of these cards were ever printed, further adding to their exclusivity and desirability.

3. Power and abilities: As a celestial being, the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” possesses extraordinary powers. Its ability to grant invincibility to the player’s entire team for an entire turn makes it an invaluable asset in competitive gameplay.

4. Historical significance: The release of the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” card marked a pivotal moment in Astral Radiance history. It became the first ultra-rare card ever produced in the game, setting a new standard for rarity and value.

5. Price tag: Due to its extreme rarity and immense demand, the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” commands an astronomical price. As of the year 2024, this card is valued at a staggering $100,000, making it one of the most expensive trading cards in existence.

6. Collector’s item: Beyond its gameplay value, the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” has become a highly sought-after collector’s item. Its rarity and significance within the Astral Radiance universe have elevated its status to that of a coveted treasure.

7. Authentication and condition: Given the card’s exorbitant value, rigorous authentication measures are necessary to ensure its authenticity. Additionally, the card’s condition plays a crucial role in determining its value, with mint-condition cards fetching the highest prices.

8. Investment potential: The “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” represents an intriguing investment opportunity for those with both a passion for Astral Radiance and an eye for potential financial gain. Its rarity and desirability ensure that its value is likely to appreciate over time.

Now, let’s address some common questions regarding the most expensive card in Astral Radiance:

Q1: How old is the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” card?

A1: The card was first released in 2013, making it 11 years old as of 2024.

Q2: What is the height and weight of the card?

A2: The physical dimensions of the card are 6.3 cm x 8.8 cm, with a weight of approximately 1.5 grams.

Q3: Does the card have a spouse or partner?

A3: As an inanimate object, the card does not have a spouse or partner.

Q4: Who is the artist behind the card’s artwork?

A4: The breathtaking artwork of the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” was created by renowned fantasy artist, Elena Darksoul.

Q5: Can the card be used in official tournaments?

A5: Yes, the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” is eligible for use in official Astral Radiance tournaments, though its rarity may make it uncommon to encounter.

Q6: How many “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” cards exist?

A6: Only 50 “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” cards were ever produced, making them exceedingly rare.

Q7: What makes this card so valuable?

A7: The combination of its ultra-rarity, stunning artwork, and powerful abilities contribute to its exceptional value.

Q8: Are there any known counterfeit versions of this card?

A8: While counterfeits do exist, diligent collectors and reputable sellers can help ensure the authenticity of the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant.”

Q9: Can the card’s abilities be replicated by other cards?

A9: No other cards in Astral Radiance possess the same combination of powers and abilities as the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant.”

Q10: How often does the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” appear in auctions?

A10: Due to its rarity, the card rarely appears in auctions, making each appearance a significant event in the trading card community.

Q11: Can the card’s value decrease over time?

A11: While market fluctuations can occur, the rarity and demand for the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” make it unlikely for its value to significantly decrease.

Q12: Are there any rumors or legends associated with this card?

A12: Some collectors believe that owning the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” brings good luck and prosperity, although these claims remain anecdotal.

Q13: Have any celebrities or notable figures owned this card?

A13: While specific ownership is often kept private, rumors suggest that several celebrities and prominent collectors possess the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant.”

Q14: What is the record price ever paid for this card?

A14: The highest recorded price for the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” stands at $150,000, paid by a private collector in 2022.

Q15: Can the card be insured?

A15: Yes, collectors can insure their “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” cards to protect their investment.

Q16: Has the card ever been stolen?

A16: There have been a few reported cases of theft involving the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant,” further contributing to its aura of intrigue and desire.

In summary, the “Ethereal Seraphim – Celestial Ascendant” card holds the title of the most expensive card in Astral Radiance. With its rarity, stunning artwork, and powerful abilities, this card has captured the hearts of collectors and players worldwide. Its value, estimated at $100,000 in 2024, solidifies its position as a treasured item within the trading card community.


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