Celebrities That Currently Live In North Carolina

Celebrities That Currently Live In North Carolina

North Carolina, known for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant cities, and charming small towns, has attracted numerous celebrities over the years. From musicians to actors, athletes to authors, many famous faces have chosen to call this southern state their home. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the notable celebrities currently living in North Carolina, along with interesting facts about them.

1. Chris Pratt:

Chris Pratt, known for his roles in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World,” currently resides in North Carolina. Born on June 21, 1979, in Virginia, Pratt stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 220 pounds. He is married to Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and they have two children together. Pratt is an avid outdoorsman and loves spending time exploring the natural beauty of North Carolina.

2. Peyton Reed:

Peyton Reed, the director behind Marvel’s “Ant-Man” films, also calls North Carolina home. Born on July 3, 1964, in North Carolina itself, Reed is 6 feet tall and has a passion for storytelling. He has been married to Sheila Reed since 2013 and is often seen enjoying the local cuisine and arts scene in his hometown.

3. Fantasia Barrino:

Fantasia Barrino, the talented R&B singer who rose to fame after winning the third season of “American Idol” in 2004, resides in North Carolina. Born on June 30, 1984, in North Carolina, Fantasia stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a soulful voice that has captivated audiences worldwide. She is married to Kendall Taylor and actively participates in community initiatives and charitable endeavors across the state.

4. Tori Amos:

Tori Amos, the renowned singer-songwriter and pianist, currently lives in North Carolina. Born on August 22, 1963, in North Carolina, Amos is 5 feet 2 inches tall and has been a prominent figure in the music industry since the early 1990s. She is known for her emotional and introspective lyrics, and her unique musical style has earned her a dedicated fan base. Amos is married to Mark Hawley and has one child.

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5. Scotty McCreery:

Scotty McCreery, the country music sensation and winner of the tenth season of “American Idol,” resides in North Carolina. Born on October 9, 1993, in North Carolina, McCreery stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and has a deep, resonant voice that has garnered him numerous accolades. He is married to Gabi Dugal and frequently performs at local events and venues in his home state.

6. Kristin Chenoweth:

Kristin Chenoweth, the Tony Award-winning actress and singer, currently lives in North Carolina. Born on July 24, 1968, in Oklahoma, Chenoweth stands at 4 feet 11 inches tall and has mesmerized audiences with her powerhouse vocals and versatile acting skills. She is single and often spends her free time exploring the vibrant arts scene in North Carolina.

7. Anthony Hamilton:

Anthony Hamilton, the Grammy Award-winning R&B singer-songwriter, calls North Carolina home. Born on January 28, 1971, in North Carolina, Hamilton stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall and has a soulful voice that resonates with fans worldwide. He is married to Tarsha McMillian and actively engages in philanthropic efforts to support underprivileged communities in his home state.

8. Evan Rachel Wood:

Evan Rachel Wood, the talented actress known for her roles in “Westworld” and “Thirteen,” currently resides in North Carolina. Born on September 7, 1987, in North Carolina, Wood stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and has captivated audiences with her raw performances. She is currently dating musician and actor Zach Villa and often advocates for social justice causes in her community.

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Now let’s address some common questions about these celebrities:

1. What is Chris Pratt’s age?

Chris Pratt was born on June 21, 1979, making him 45 years old in 2024.

2. How tall is Peyton Reed?

Peyton Reed stands at 6 feet tall.

3. Is Fantasia Barrino married?

Yes, Fantasia Barrino is married to Kendall Taylor.

4. What is Tori Amos’ height?

Tori Amos is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

5. Who is Scotty McCreery married to?

Scotty McCreery is married to Gabi Dugal.

6. Is Kristin Chenoweth dating anyone?

Kristin Chenoweth is currently single.

7. How many Grammy Awards has Anthony Hamilton won?

Anthony Hamilton has won three Grammy Awards.

8. Who is Evan Rachel Wood dating?

Evan Rachel Wood is currently dating Zach Villa.

9. What is Chris Pratt’s latest movie?

As of 2024, Chris Pratt’s latest movie is “The Tomorrow War.”

10. Does Peyton Reed have any upcoming projects?

Peyton Reed is set to direct the highly anticipated “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” scheduled for release in 2023.

11. What is Fantasia Barrino’s most popular song?

Fantasia Barrino’s most popular song is “I Believe,” which she performed during the finale of “American Idol.”

12. Has Tori Amos released any new music recently?

As of 2024, Tori Amos has released her latest album titled “Ocean to Ocean.”

13. What is Scotty McCreery’s latest single?

Scotty McCreery’s latest single is “You Time,” released in 2023.

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14. Has Kristin Chenoweth won any Tony Awards?

Yes, Kristin Chenoweth has won a Tony Award for her role in the Broadway musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

15. What is Anthony Hamilton’s latest album?

Anthony Hamilton’s latest album is “Love Is the New Black,” released in 2022.

16. What is Evan Rachel Wood’s upcoming project?

Evan Rachel Wood is set to star in the psychological thriller film “The Chameleon” in 2024.

17. Do any of these celebrities actively participate in charity work?

Yes, many of these celebrities, including Fantasia Barrino, Anthony Hamilton, and Evan Rachel Wood, actively engage in philanthropic efforts to support various causes in their communities.

In conclusion, North Carolina has become a chosen residence for several well-known celebrities who have found solace, inspiration, and a sense of community in this beautiful southern state. From actors to musicians, each celebrity brings their unique talents and passions to the local culture, enriching the artistic landscape of North Carolina. Whether they are enjoying the natural beauty of the state or actively participating in charitable endeavors, these celebrities have truly embraced their North Carolina homes.


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