And1 Sale Price 2005

Title: And1 Sale Price 2005: Unveiling Unique Insights into a Historic Deal


In the world of sports and fashion, the sale of iconic brands often generates immense interest and speculation. One such deal that captivated enthusiasts and industry insiders alike was the And1 sale in 2005. This article aims to shed light on this historic transaction, revealing unique information and lesser-known facts about the sale price. Additionally, we will provide answers to fourteen commonly asked questions surrounding the And1 sale, offering a comprehensive understanding of this significant event in the world of sports apparel.

And1 Sale Price 2005: 6 Interesting Facts

1. The Acquisition Price:
In 2005, the iconic basketball footwear and apparel brand And1 was acquired by American Sporting Goods (ASG) for an impressive sale price of $265 million. This substantial sum reflected the brand’s strong market presence and its potential for future growth.

2. Global Expansion Initiatives:
ASG, the parent company of And1, strategically aimed to expand the brand’s reach beyond the United States. The acquisition provided And1 with the financial backing required to establish a global presence, including venturing into untapped markets such as Europe and Asia.

3. Unique Ownership Structure:
The interesting aspect of the And1 sale is that the original founders, Seth Berger, Jay Gilbert, and Tom Austin, retained a significant stake in the company following the acquisition. This allowed them to actively contribute to the brand’s future development and maintain its authenticity.

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4. Celebrity Endorsements:
And1’s popularity was largely fueled by its association with street basketball legends, who not only showcased their skills on the court but also participated in the brand’s marketing campaigns. The sale in 2005 reinforced And1’s commitment to its core basketball heritage, ensuring continued collaborations with renowned athletes.

5. Innovation and Product Expansion:
Under ASG’s ownership, And1 experienced a significant surge in product innovation and expansion. The brand introduced new lines of footwear, apparel, and accessories, catering to a wider demographic of consumers beyond the basketball community.

6. Subsequent Changes in Ownership:
In the years following the 2005 sale, And1 faced changes in ownership. In 2011, the brand was acquired by Sequential Brands Group, further propelling its growth and diversification. Understanding the subsequent developments helps us appreciate the long-lasting impact of the initial sale.

Commonly Asked Questions about the And1 Sale:

1. Who acquired And1 in 2005?
American Sporting Goods (ASG) acquired And1 in 2005.

2. What was the sale price of And1 in 2005?
And1 was sold for $265 million in 2005.

3. Did the original founders retain ownership after the sale?
Yes, the original founders retained a substantial stake in And1 following the sale.

4. What were the goals of ASG after acquiring And1?
ASG aimed to expand And1’s global reach and venture into untapped markets while maintaining the brand’s authenticity.

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5. How did celebrity endorsements influence And1’s popularity?
Celebrity endorsements, particularly from street basketball legends, played a vital role in boosting And1’s popularity and fostering its connection with the basketball community.

6. Did the sale result in product diversification?
Yes, the sale facilitated product diversification, allowing And1 to introduce new lines of footwear, apparel, and accessories.

7. Did And1 undergo subsequent changes in ownership?
Yes, in 2011, And1 was acquired by Sequential Brands Group.

8. How did the subsequent acquisitions affect And1’s growth?
The subsequent acquisitions, including the one in 2011, propelled And1’s growth and further diversified its offerings.

9. Did the sale contribute to And1’s international expansion?
Yes, the sale provided And1 with the financial backing required to establish a global presence, enabling the brand to expand into markets beyond the United States.

10. What unique strategies did And1 implement post-acquisition?
And1 focused on innovation, product expansion, and collaborations with athletes to rejuvenate the brand and appeal to a wider consumer base.

11. How did the And1 sale impact the sports apparel industry in 2005?
The And1 sale in 2005 marked a significant event in the sports apparel industry, highlighting the value of authentic connections with athletes and the potential for global expansion.

12. What were some of And1’s notable achievements after the sale?
And1 continued to innovate and collaborate with athletes, securing its position as a prominent player in the basketball footwear and apparel space.

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13. Did And1 maintain its street basketball roots after the sale?
Yes, And1 preserved its street basketball roots and continued to celebrate the game’s culture in its marketing and product offerings.

14. Are And1 products still available today?
Yes, And1 products are still available today, providing basketball enthusiasts with quality footwear, apparel, and accessories.


The And1 sale in 2005 not only marked a significant milestone in the sports apparel industry but also paved the way for the brand’s global expansion and product diversification. The acquisition by American Sporting Goods (ASG) brought financial backing, celebrity endorsements, and an unwavering commitment from the original founders. Today, And1 remains a formidable player in the basketball market, continuing to innovate and connect with consumers worldwide.


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