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Steve Harvey Net Worth: 6 Interesting Facts and Common Questions Answered in 2023

Steve Harvey is a well-known American comedian, television host, author, and actor. With a career spanning several decades, he has become one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry. As of 2023, Steve Harvey’s net worth stands at an impressive $200 million. In this article, we will delve into some interesting facts about his wealth and career, along with answering common questions about him.

Interesting Facts about Steve Harvey’s Net Worth:

1. Multiple Income Streams: Apart from his successful stand-up comedy career, Harvey has diversified his earnings through various ventures. He has hosted several popular television shows, including “The Steve Harvey Show,” “Family Feud,” and his own talk show called “Steve,” which aired from 2017 to 2019. These ventures, along with his book sales and investments, contribute significantly to his net worth.

2. Business Ventures: Steve Harvey has ventured into multiple business endeavors. He owns a production company called East 112th Street Productions, which has produced various television shows and films. Additionally, he has his own clothing line, Steve Harvey Collection, which offers a range of men’s suits, accessories, and casual wear.

3. Real Estate Investments: Harvey has made significant investments in real estate. One of his notable properties is a luxurious mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, valued at $15 million. The mansion boasts features like a 10,000 square-foot home theater, a resort-style pool, and a golf course. He also owns properties in Chicago and Texas.

4. Philanthropy: Steve Harvey is actively involved in philanthropic activities. He founded the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which aims to provide mentorship and educational opportunities to young people. The foundation has partnered with various organizations to support initiatives in areas like youth development, health, and education.

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5. Financial Wisdom: Harvey is not only successful in his career but also known for his financial wisdom. He authored a book titled “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success,” where he shares insights and advice on achieving success in various aspects of life, including finances. His book resonated with many readers and became a New York Times bestseller.

6. Unique Info: Not well known, Steve Harvey is an avid car collector. He owns an impressive collection of luxury cars, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bentley Continental GT, and a Lamborghini Aventador. He often showcases his passion for cars on his social media platforms.

Now, let’s move on to answering some common questions about Steve Harvey:

1. How did Steve Harvey become famous?
Steve Harvey gained popularity through his stand-up comedy performances in the 1980s. He later transitioned into television, hosting various shows like “The Steve Harvey Show” and “Family Feud,” which brought him widespread recognition.

2. How much is Steve Harvey paid for hosting “Family Feud”?
As of 2023, Steve Harvey reportedly earns around $20 million per year for hosting “Family Feud.” This figure includes his salary and additional income from syndication and endorsements.

3. Does Steve Harvey own any radio stations?
Yes, Steve Harvey was a host for the popular radio show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” However, he does not own any radio stations himself.

4. How many books has Steve Harvey written?
Steve Harvey has written several books throughout his career. Some of his notable titles include “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” “Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance,” and “Straight Talk, No Chaser.”

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5. What other television shows has Steve Harvey hosted?
Apart from “Family Feud,” Steve Harvey has hosted various television shows, including “Little Big Shots,” “Showtime at the Apollo,” and his own talk show, “Steve.”

6. Does Steve Harvey have any children?
Yes, Steve Harvey has seven children. He has four biological children from his previous marriages and three stepchildren from his current marriage to Marjorie Bridges.

7. Has Steve Harvey won any awards?
Yes, Steve Harvey has received numerous awards throughout his career. He has won several Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show Host for “Family Feud” and has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

8. Is Steve Harvey still doing stand-up comedy?
While Steve Harvey’s focus has shifted more towards hosting and other business ventures, he occasionally performs stand-up comedy shows, although less frequently than before.

9. What is Steve Harvey’s clothing line called?
Steve Harvey’s clothing line is called the Steve Harvey Collection. It offers a range of men’s suits, accessories, and casual wear.

10. How much does Steve Harvey’s mansion in Atlanta cost?
Steve Harvey’s mansion in Atlanta is valued at approximately $15 million. It is a luxurious property with extensive amenities and high-end finishes.

11. What is Steve Harvey’s foundation about?
The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, founded by Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie, focuses on providing mentorship and educational opportunities to young people. They aim to empower youth through various initiatives and partnerships with other organizations.

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12. What is Steve Harvey’s advice for success?
Steve Harvey emphasizes the importance of hard work, perseverance, and faith in achieving success. He encourages individuals to identify their passions, set clear goals, and take consistent action towards achieving them.

13. Does Steve Harvey have a podcast?
Yes, Steve Harvey hosts a podcast called “Steve Harvey Morning Show Podcast.” It offers a mix of comedy, interviews, and motivational content.

14. What are Steve Harvey’s upcoming projects?
As of 2023, Steve Harvey has several projects in the pipeline. He continues to host “Family Feud” and is working on a new television show. Additionally, he is actively involved in his foundation and various business ventures.

In conclusion, Steve Harvey’s net worth of $200 million in 2023 is a testament to his successful career in comedy, television hosting, and entrepreneurship. His multiple income streams, business ventures, and philanthropic efforts have contributed to his impressive wealth. With his financial wisdom and passion for various endeavors, Steve Harvey continues to be an influential figure in the entertainment industry.


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