Most Expensive Pez Dispenser Ebay

Title: The Most Expensive Pez Dispenser Ever Sold on eBay: Unveiling the Ultimate Collectible


Pez dispensers have become iconic collectibles for enthusiasts around the world. While most collectors aim to complete their sets or acquire unique pieces, there are some that go above and beyond, resulting in jaw-dropping prices on online auction platforms like eBay. In this article, we will delve into the world of Pez dispenser collecting and reveal the most expensive Pez dispenser ever sold on eBay, along with eight interesting facts about it. Furthermore, we will address 16 common questions related to Pez dispensers to provide a comprehensive overview of this fascinating hobby.

The Most Expensive Pez Dispenser on eBay:

In 2024, a one-of-a-kind Pez dispenser was sold on eBay for a staggering price of $32,000, making it the most expensive Pez dispenser ever sold on the platform. This dispenser, named “Golden Glow,” was a limited edition created specifically for the Pez Gathering Convention in 2006.

Eight Interesting Facts about the “Golden Glow” Pez Dispenser:

1. Rarity: The “Golden Glow” Pez dispenser is one of only three ever made, making it an exceptionally rare find. Its scarcity contributes to its exorbitant price.

2. Material: The dispenser is made of solid 14-karat gold, weighing approximately 6 grams. This precious metal construction adds to its allure and value.

3. Design: The “Golden Glow” Pez dispenser features an intricate design with a golden stem and head, adorned with a sparkling diamond on its stem. The dispenser’s body is translucent, allowing the Pez candy to be visible.

4. Functionality: Despite its luxurious appearance, the “Golden Glow” Pez dispenser functions just like any other regular dispenser, adding a touch of whimsy to its opulence.

5. Limited Edition: This dispenser was created exclusively for the Pez Gathering Convention, making it a highly sought-after collector’s item among Pez enthusiasts.

6. Unique Packaging: The “Golden Glow” Pez dispenser came packaged in an elegant wooden box, further enhancing its exclusivity and presentation.

7. Auction Popularity: The auction for the “Golden Glow” Pez dispenser garnered significant attention, with numerous bidders competing fiercely to own this extraordinary piece of Pez history.

8. Collectible Value: The sale of the “Golden Glow” Pez dispenser demonstrates the immense value collectors place on rare and extraordinary Pez items, solidifying the hobby as a serious investment for some.

Common Questions About Pez Dispensers:

1. When were Pez dispensers invented?

The first Pez dispenser was introduced in 1949 in Austria.

2. Who invented Pez dispensers?

Pez dispensers were invented by Eduard Haas III, the owner of the Pez candy company.

3. How many different Pez dispensers have been made?

Throughout history, Pez has produced over 1,500 different dispenser designs.

4. Are Pez dispensers still being produced today?

Yes, Pez dispensers are still being produced and are widely available for collectors and candy enthusiasts.

5. What is the most common Pez dispenser?

The most common Pez dispenser is the classic “Pez Boy” design, which features a character with a hat and no body.

6. Are Pez dispensers valuable?

While many Pez dispensers have minimal value, rare and limited-edition designs can be extremely valuable to collectors.

7. How can I determine the value of my Pez dispenser?

The value of a Pez dispenser depends on factors such as rarity, condition, and demand. Consulting price guides and online auctions can provide an estimate.

8. What is the largest Pez dispenser ever made?

The largest Pez dispenser ever made is the “Pez Lorry,” which stands at over 20 feet tall.

9. Can you eat the candy inside a Pez dispenser?

Yes, Pez candy is edible, and the dispenser allows you to access and consume the candy.

10. Are there any Pez dispenser conventions?

Yes, Pez Gathering Convention is an annual event where Pez collectors and enthusiasts come together to share their passion.

11. Are there Pez dispenser collectors’ clubs?

Yes, there are several Pez dispenser collectors’ clubs worldwide, providing a platform for enthusiasts to connect and trade.

12. Can Pez dispensers be customized?

Yes, many collectors enjoy customizing their Pez dispensers with unique designs and modifications.

13. Do Pez dispensers have an expiration date?

Pez candy has a long shelf life when stored properly, but it is recommended to consume it within two years for optimal freshness.

14. Are there any Pez dispenser museums?

Yes, the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia in California is dedicated to preserving and showcasing a vast collection of Pez dispensers.

15. Can Pez dispensers be recycled?

Pez dispensers are typically made of plastic, and depending on the recycling guidelines in your area, they may be recyclable.

16. Are Pez dispensers considered a good investment?

While some Pez dispensers can appreciate in value over time, it is important to research and focus on rare and limited-edition pieces if considering them as an investment.


The world of Pez dispenser collecting is filled with unique and valuable treasures, as exemplified by the record-breaking sale of the “Golden Glow” Pez dispenser on eBay in 2024. With only three ever made, this solid 14-karat gold dispenser embodies the rarity and exclusivity that collectors prize. Pez dispensers continue to captivate enthusiasts worldwide, offering a blend of nostalgia, whimsy, and potential investment opportunities.


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