Matt Schlapp Net Worth

Title: Matt Schlapp Net Worth: A Look into the Life of a Prominent Political Figure


Matt Schlapp is a well-known American political figure, lobbyist, and commentator. He has made significant contributions to the political landscape during his career, leading to both fame and financial success. As of the year 2023, his net worth stands as a testament to his accomplishments and influence in the political arena. In this article, we will delve into Matt Schlapp’s net worth, exploring interesting facts about his professional journey and highlighting his financial achievements.

1. Early Life and Career Beginnings:
Matt Schlapp was born on December 18, 1967, in Wichita, Kansas. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Following his education, Schlapp began working in various political roles, including serving as a staff member for Congressman Todd Tiahrt.

2. Founding Cove Strategies:
In 2009, Schlapp co-founded Cove Strategies, a government and public affairs firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. The firm specializes in strategic consulting and advocacy services, working with clients to navigate the political landscape and advance their objectives.

3. Chairmanship of the American Conservative Union:
One of Schlapp’s notable achievements is his role as the chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), a position he has held since 2014. Under his leadership, the ACU has played a crucial role in promoting conservative principles and organizing the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

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4. Fox News Contributor:
Schlapp has also made regular appearances as a political commentator on Fox News. His insights and analysis on various political issues have garnered him a significant following. As a contributor, he has been able to increase his influence and expand his audience.

5. Matt Schlapp’s Net Worth:
As of the year 2023, Matt Schlapp’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. His success can be attributed to his diverse range of roles in politics, including lobbying, consulting, and media appearances. His leadership positions and involvement in prominent political organizations have undoubtedly contributed to his financial achievements.

Common Questions about Matt Schlapp Net Worth:

1. How did Matt Schlapp accumulate his wealth?
Matt Schlapp accumulated his wealth through various endeavors, including founding Cove Strategies, serving as the chairman of the American Conservative Union, and his contributions as a Fox News contributor.

2. What is Matt Schlapp’s primary source of income?
While Matt Schlapp has multiple sources of income, his primary source is likely his work as a lobbyist and political consultant through Cove Strategies.

3. How much does Matt Schlapp earn annually?
Exact annual earnings are not publicly disclosed, but it is estimated that Schlapp’s income is in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

4. Does Matt Schlapp own any businesses?
Yes, Matt Schlapp co-founded Cove Strategies, a government and public affairs firm based in Alexandria, Virginia.

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5. Has Matt Schlapp written any books?
As of 2023, Matt Schlapp has not authored any books.

6. Does Matt Schlapp have any investments?
Publicly available information does not provide specific details about Matt Schlapp’s investments.

7. Is Matt Schlapp involved in any philanthropic activities?
Information about Matt Schlapp’s philanthropic activities is not readily available.

8. What other TV networks has Matt Schlapp appeared on?
Aside from Fox News, Matt Schlapp has appeared on other news networks such as CNN and MSNBC.

9. How influential is Matt Schlapp in conservative politics?
Matt Schlapp is considered to be highly influential in conservative politics, due to his leadership role in the American Conservative Union and his involvement in organizing CPAC.

10. Does Matt Schlapp have any political aspirations?
While Matt Schlapp has not publicly expressed any political aspirations, his involvement in politics suggests a continued interest in shaping public policy.

11. How has Matt Schlapp’s net worth changed over the years?
As an estimate, Matt Schlapp’s net worth has grown steadily over the years, reflecting his increasing prominence in the political arena.

12. Does Matt Schlapp have any endorsements or sponsorships?
Publicly available information does not indicate any specific endorsements or sponsorships for Matt Schlapp.

13. What other organizations is Matt Schlapp affiliated with?
Apart from the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp is associated with other conservative organizations, such as the Council for National Policy and the International Republican Institute.

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14. Does Matt Schlapp have any plans for retirement?
As of now, there is no information available about Matt Schlapp’s retirement plans. Given his active involvement in politics and media, retirement may not be on the immediate horizon for him.


Matt Schlapp’s net worth of approximately $5 million in 2023 is a testament to his multifaceted career in politics, lobbying, and media. From his early days as a congressional staffer to his current role as chairman of the American Conservative Union, Schlapp has made a significant impact on conservative politics. His financial success is a reflection of his dedication and influence within the political landscape. As his career continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Matt Schlapp’s net worth progresses in the coming years.


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