How Much Is Will Wheaton Worth

How Much Is Will Wheaton Worth?

Will Wheaton, born Richard William Wheaton III, is an American actor, blogger, and writer who rose to fame in the 1980s for his role as Wesley Crusher on the popular television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Over the years, Wheaton has continued to work in the entertainment industry and has built a successful career. With his diverse range of projects and involvement in various fields, it’s natural to wonder, “How much is Will Wheaton worth?” Let’s delve into the details and discover the answer to that question, along with five interesting facts about his life and career.

1. Net Worth: As of 2021, Will Wheaton’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. While this may not be as substantial as some of the industry’s wealthiest celebrities, it is still an impressive sum. Wheaton has accumulated his wealth through acting, writing, and other ventures.

2. Acting Career: Wheaton’s acting career began at a young age when he made his film debut in the 1981 movie “A Long Way Home.” However, it was his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation that truly put him in the spotlight. He appeared in the series from 1987 to 1994, gaining a dedicated fan base. Wheaton has also made appearances in other popular shows like The Big Bang Theory, Eureka, and Leverage.

3. Writing and Blogging: In addition to acting, Wheaton is also an accomplished writer. He has written several books, including “Dancing Barefoot,” “Just a Geek,” and “The Happiest Days of Our Lives.” He is also known for his blog, “Wil Wheaton Dot Net,” which covers various topics, including his personal life, hobbies, and thoughts on pop culture. Wheaton’s writing and blogging have contributed to his overall net worth.

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4. Voice Acting: Wheaton has lent his voice to various animated TV shows and video games. One of his notable voice acting roles is that of Aqualad in the animated series Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! He has also voiced characters in popular video games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Fallout: New Vegas. These voice acting gigs have added to his income and expanded his range as an entertainer.

5. Tabletop Gaming: Wheaton is an avid tabletop gamer and has been involved in various tabletop gaming projects. He hosted the web series “TableTop,” where he played and discussed various board games with celebrity guests. The show gained a significant following and further showcased Wheaton’s charisma and passion for gaming. His involvement in the gaming community has not only been a personal passion but has also contributed to his overall net worth.

Now, let’s address some common questions about Will Wheaton:

1. Is Will Wheaton still acting?
Yes, Will Wheaton is still active in the entertainment industry. He continues to act in TV shows, movies, and voice acting roles.

2. Has Will Wheaton won any awards?
While Wheaton hasn’t won any major awards, he has received recognition for his work. In 2013, he won the Geekie Award for Best Web Personality/Host for his show “TableTop.”

3. Does Will Wheaton have any other hobbies or interests?
Apart from acting and writing, Wheaton is interested in technology and has been involved in various tech-related projects. He has also been an advocate for mental health awareness.

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4. What is Will Wheaton’s most famous role?
Wheaton’s most famous role is arguably Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The character gained a loyal fan base and remains one of Wheaton’s most iconic portrayals.

5. How old is Will Wheaton?
As of 2021, Will Wheaton is 49 years old. He was born on July 29, 1972.

6. Is Will Wheaton married?
Yes, Will Wheaton has been married to Anne Wheaton since 1999. They have two children together.

7. What other TV shows has Will Wheaton appeared in?
Apart from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wheaton has appeared in TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Eureka, and Leverage.

8. Has Will Wheaton written any other books besides the ones mentioned?
Yes, Wheaton has written several other books, including “Memories of the Future,” “Sunken Treasure,” and “Just a Geek: Unflinchingly Honest Tales of the Search for Life, Love, and Fulfillment Beyond the Starship Enterprise.”

9. Does Will Wheaton have any upcoming projects?
As of now, there are no specific details about Wheaton’s upcoming projects. However, he continues to be involved in various creative ventures.

10. Where can I find Will Wheaton’s blog?
Will Wheaton’s blog, “Wil Wheaton Dot Net,” can be found at

11. What is Will Wheaton’s role in the gaming community?
Wheaton is known for his involvement in tabletop gaming. He hosted the web series “TableTop,” where he showcased and discussed various board games.

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12. Does Will Wheaton have any social media accounts?
Yes, Will Wheaton is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he shares updates and engages with his fans.

13. Has Will Wheaton ever appeared in any movies?
Yes, besides his TV appearances, Wheaton has also appeared in movies such as Stand by Me, Toy Soldiers, and Flubber.

14. What is Will Wheaton’s latest project?
As of now, Wheaton’s latest project is not known. However, he continues to work on various creative endeavors, including writing, acting, and gaming.

In conclusion, Will Wheaton has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, accumulating a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. From his iconic role on Star Trek: The Next Generation to his writing and passion for tabletop gaming, Wheaton has established himself as a versatile entertainer. With his continued involvement in various projects, it is clear that Wheaton’s influence and net worth will continue to grow in the years to come.


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