How Much Is Eric Persson Worth

How Much is Eric Persson Worth: 5 Interesting Facts

Eric Persson, a Swedish entrepreneur and businessman, is best known for co-founding the immensely popular mobile gaming company, King, which created the global sensation Candy Crush Saga. With his success in the gaming industry, Persson has amassed significant wealth, making him a subject of curiosity for many. In this article, we will delve into the question of how much Eric Persson is worth and explore five interesting facts about his journey to success.

1. Eric Persson’s Net Worth:
As of 2021, Eric Persson’s estimated net worth is approximately $2.9 billion. This impressive fortune is primarily attributed to the success of King, the gaming company he co-founded in 2003. King’s initial public offering (IPO) in 2014 further fueled Persson’s wealth, making him one of the richest individuals in Sweden.

2. The Rise of King:
Eric Persson, along with his co-founders, Sebastian Knutsson and Riccardo Zacconi, established King with a vision to bring casual and accessible gaming experiences to a broad audience. However, it was their breakthrough game, Candy Crush Saga, released in 2012, that propelled King to unprecedented heights. The game quickly gained popularity, attracting millions of players worldwide and generating substantial revenue.

3. King’s Acquisition by Activision Blizzard:
In 2016, King was acquired by Activision Blizzard, a leading interactive entertainment company, for a staggering $5.9 billion. This acquisition not only catapulted Persson’s wealth but also positioned King as a flagship mobile gaming subsidiary within the Activision Blizzard portfolio. The deal highlighted the tremendous value Persson and his co-founders had created through their innovative gaming concepts.

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4. Philanthropic Endeavors:
Eric Persson has demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy, using his wealth to make a positive impact. He has donated significant amounts to various causes, including education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Persson’s philanthropic efforts reflect his desire to give back to society and create a lasting legacy beyond the realm of gaming.

5. Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Before co-founding King, Eric Persson had already displayed his entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 18, he started his first business, importing and selling fireworks. This early venture not only provided Persson with valuable business experience but also served as a stepping stone to his future success. His perseverance and determination are evident in his entrepreneurial journey, from the humble beginnings of selling fireworks to revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry.

Common Questions about Eric Persson:

1. How did Eric Persson co-found King?
Eric Persson, along with Sebastian Knutsson and Riccardo Zacconi, co-founded King in 2003. They aimed to create accessible and entertaining gaming experiences for a wide audience.

2. What is Candy Crush Saga?
Candy Crush Saga is a highly addictive and immensely popular mobile puzzle game developed by King. Players match colorful candies to complete various levels, attracting millions of users worldwide.

3. How much did Activision Blizzard acquire King for?
Activision Blizzard acquired King in 2016 for a staggering $5.9 billion, solidifying King’s position as a leading mobile gaming company.

4. What is Eric Persson’s estimated net worth?
As of 2021, Eric Persson’s estimated net worth is approximately $2.9 billion.

5. What philanthropic causes does Eric Persson support?
Eric Persson is involved in various philanthropic endeavors, including education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.

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6. Did Eric Persson have any business ventures before King?
Yes, Eric Persson started his first business at the age of 18, importing and selling fireworks. This early entrepreneurial experience laid the foundation for his future success.

7. How did Candy Crush Saga become so popular?
Candy Crush Saga’s popularity can be attributed to its addictive gameplay, appealing visual design, and clever marketing strategies.

8. What impact has Eric Persson made in the gaming industry?
Eric Persson’s co-founding of King and the success of Candy Crush Saga revolutionized the mobile gaming industry, inspiring countless developers and paving the way for future successes.

9. Does Eric Persson still work for King after the acquisition by Activision Blizzard?
Although the specifics of his involvement are not publicly disclosed, Eric Persson has continued to be associated with King even after the acquisition by Activision Blizzard.

10. What is King’s most successful game apart from Candy Crush Saga?
While Candy Crush Saga remains King’s most well-known game, the company has also found success with other titles such as Farm Heroes Saga, Bubble Witch Saga, and Pet Rescue Saga.

11. Has Eric Persson received any notable awards or recognition?
While Eric Persson may not have received individual awards, his role in co-founding King and the success of Candy Crush Saga have been widely recognized within the gaming industry.

12. What is Eric Persson’s vision for the future of gaming?
Although not explicitly stated, Persson’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating accessible gaming experiences suggest that he continues to believe in the power of innovation and connecting with a broad audience.

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13. Does Eric Persson have any involvement in other industries apart from gaming?
While gaming remains his primary focus, Persson’s philanthropic efforts indicate his interest in supporting various causes beyond the gaming industry.

14. What legacy does Eric Persson hope to leave behind?
Through his philanthropy and entrepreneurial achievements, Eric Persson aims to leave a lasting legacy that extends beyond his gaming success, making a positive impact on society and inspiring future generations.

In conclusion, Eric Persson’s success in co-founding King and the global phenomenon of Candy Crush Saga has propelled him to a significant level of wealth. With an estimated net worth of approximately $2.9 billion, Persson’s journey from selling fireworks to revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and determination. Through his philanthropic endeavors, Persson also aims to create a lasting legacy by giving back to society and supporting various causes.


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