Does Barstool Own Old Row

Does Barstool Own Old Row? 5 Interesting Facts

Barstool Sports and Old Row are two popular names in the world of online entertainment and media. Both platforms have amassed a significant following and have become synonymous with college culture and the social media landscape. While they share similarities in content and target audience, there has been a long-standing debate about whether Barstool Sports actually owns Old Row. In this article, we will explore this question and present five interesting facts to shed light on the relationship between these two entities.

Fact 1: Barstool Sports Acquired Old Row

It is true that Barstool Sports acquired Old Row in 2019. The deal, which was reported to be in the range of $10-15 million, brought together two iconic brands that have a strong presence in the college sports and humor space. Barstool Sports saw Old Row as a valuable addition to its portfolio, as it allowed them to tap into the loyal fan base that Old Row had built over the years.

Fact 2: Old Row Maintains Some Independence

Despite the acquisition, Old Row continues to operate independently under the Barstool Sports umbrella. While Barstool Sports provides support and resources, Old Row maintains its distinct brand identity and creative control over its content. This arrangement allows Old Row to preserve its unique voice and appeal to its target audience while benefiting from the larger network and resources of Barstool Sports.

Fact 3: Expansion of Old Row

Since the acquisition, Old Row has experienced significant growth and expansion. With the backing of Barstool Sports, Old Row has been able to increase its reach and produce more diverse content. They have expanded their merchandise line, organized events and parties, and launched a podcast, all of which have further solidified their position in the college entertainment space.

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Fact 4: Old Row’s Popularity

Old Row’s popularity can be attributed to its relatability and ability to capture the essence of college life. The platform primarily features humorous and satirical content related to college culture, sports, and fraternity life. Its engaging and witty posts resonate with its target audience, leading to a dedicated and passionate following. Old Row’s growth and success have made it a force to be reckoned with in the college media landscape.

Fact 5: Barstool’s Role in Old Row’s Success

While Barstool Sports has undoubtedly played a crucial role in Old Row’s success, it is important to note that Old Row had already established itself as a prominent presence before the acquisition. Old Row’s founders, Wes Shephard and Madison Wickham, launched the platform in 2011, and it steadily grew in popularity over the years. The acquisition by Barstool Sports provided an opportunity for Old Row to expand its reach and leverage the resources of a larger media company.

Now, let’s address some common questions related to the Barstool Sports and Old Row relationship:

1. Are Barstool Sports and Old Row the same company?
No, Barstool Sports acquired Old Row in 2019, but Old Row continues to operate independently.

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2. How much did Barstool Sports pay to acquire Old Row?
The reported acquisition cost was in the range of $10-15 million.

3. Does Old Row still create its own content?
Yes, Old Row maintains its distinct brand identity and creates its own content under the Barstool Sports umbrella.

4. Has Old Row’s content changed since the acquisition?
Old Row’s content has remained consistent with its original style and tone, but it has also expanded its offerings to include additional content formats.

5. Is Old Row now exclusively focused on college content?
While college content remains a significant part of Old Row’s identity, they have expanded to cover other topics as well.

6. Can I access Old Row content through the Barstool Sports website?
Yes, Old Row content can be accessed through the Barstool Sports website and social media platforms.

7. Are there any plans for Old Row to expand further?
Old Row has already expanded its merchandise line, organized events, and launched a podcast. Further expansion is likely in the future.

8. Does Barstool Sports have any other similar acquisitions?
Yes, Barstool Sports has made several other acquisitions in the media and entertainment space.

9. Is Old Row affiliated with any specific college or university?
Old Row does not have an official affiliation with any specific college or university.

10. Can I submit content to Old Row?
Old Row does accept user submissions, but they have a selection process in place.

11. How often does Old Row post new content?
Old Row posts content regularly, but the frequency may vary depending on the nature of the content.

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12. Can I advertise my business through Old Row?
Yes, Old Row offers advertising opportunities for businesses interested in reaching their target audience.

13. Does Old Row have any plans for expansion outside of the United States?
As of now, Old Row’s focus remains on the United States, but future expansion possibilities cannot be ruled out.

14. Can I attend Old Row events?
Yes, Old Row organizes events that are open to the public, allowing fans to engage with the brand and its community.

In conclusion, Barstool Sports acquired Old Row in 2019, leading to its continued growth and success. Old Row operates independently while benefiting from the resources and support of Barstool Sports. With its relatable content and loyal following, Old Row has become a prominent player in the college entertainment space.


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