Cubs Baseball Cards Worth Money

Cubs Baseball Cards Worth Money: 5 Interesting Facts

Baseball cards have always been a popular collectible, and among the most sought-after are those featuring the Chicago Cubs. With a rich history and a loyal fan base, it’s no wonder that Cubs baseball cards hold significant value. In this article, we will explore five interesting facts about Cubs baseball cards worth money.

1. Honus Wagner T206 Cubs Card
One of the most valuable Cubs baseball cards is the Honus Wagner T206 Cubs card. While Honus Wagner is primarily associated with the Pittsburgh Pirates, there is a rare version of his card that features him in a Cubs uniform. This card is incredibly rare, with estimates suggesting that only around six of them exist. In 2016, a Honus Wagner T206 Cubs card in excellent condition sold for a whopping $3.12 million.

2. The 1909 Chicago Cubs Team Card
Another highly sought-after Cubs baseball card is the 1909 Chicago Cubs team card. This card features the entire team from their National League championship season. Only a few of these cards are known to exist, making them extremely rare and valuable. In 2018, a PSA 1-graded copy of this card sold for over $77,000.

3. The Rookie Cards of Cubs Legends
Cubs baseball cards featuring the rookie seasons of legendary players are also highly valued. For example, the rookie card of Ernie Banks, a beloved Cubs icon, is highly sought after by collectors. Similarly, the rookie cards of other Cubs legends like Ron Santo, Ryne Sandberg, and Greg Maddux are in high demand. These cards capture the early careers of these players and hold significant historical and sentimental value.

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4. The Infamous Billy Goat Curse Card
The Cubs’ rich history is also intertwined with the infamous Billy Goat Curse, which plagued the team for over seven decades. In 1945, the owner of the Billy Goat Tavern, Billy Sianis, was ejected from Wrigley Field during the World Series due to the odor of his pet goat. The Cubs went on to lose that series and endured a championship drought until 2016. Commemorative baseball cards featuring the Billy Goat Curse have become popular among Cubs fans, and their scarcity has driven up their value.

5. Wrigley Field Memorabilia Cards
Wrigley Field, the Cubs’ iconic home stadium, has witnessed countless historic moments. Cubs baseball cards featuring pieces of game-used memorabilia from Wrigley Field, such as dirt, seats, or even ivy from the outfield walls, have gained popularity among collectors. These unique cards provide fans with a tangible connection to the team and the historic ballpark, increasing their desirability and value.

Common Questions about Cubs Baseball Cards

1. How can I determine the value of my Cubs baseball cards?
To determine the value of your Cubs baseball cards, you can consult price guides, visit card shows, or consult with reputable sports card appraisers. Online auction platforms and sports card shops can also provide insights into current market values.

2. Are all Cubs baseball cards valuable?
Not all Cubs baseball cards are valuable. The value of a card depends on various factors, including player popularity, rarity, condition, and demand among collectors.

3. Where can I buy Cubs baseball cards?
Cubs baseball cards can be purchased from sports card shops, online marketplaces, auction houses, and even directly from collectors. It’s essential to verify the authenticity and condition of the cards before making a purchase.

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4. Are older Cubs baseball cards more valuable than newer ones?
Generally, older Cubs baseball cards tend to be more valuable due to their rarity and historical significance. However, there are exceptions, especially if newer cards feature highly popular or rookie players.

5. How should I store my Cubs baseball cards?
To protect your Cubs baseball cards, it’s important to store them in protective sleeves, top-loaders, or card albums. Keep them away from direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures to prevent damage.

6. Can Cubs baseball cards increase in value over time?
Yes, Cubs baseball cards can increase in value over time, especially if the player’s career achievements or historical significance continues to grow. However, market demand and other external factors also play a role in determining card values.

7. What are some rare Cubs baseball cards?
Apart from the ones mentioned earlier, some other rare Cubs baseball cards include the 1910 E98 series, the 1949 Bowman series, and the 1952 Topps series.

8. Are autographed Cubs baseball cards worth more?
Autographed Cubs baseball cards can be worth more, especially if the autograph is certified and authenticated by a reputable source. The player’s popularity and the condition of the card also affect its value.

9. Is it possible to find valuable Cubs baseball cards in packs today?
While it is possible to find valuable Cubs baseball cards in modern packs, the odds are relatively low. Most highly valuable cards are from earlier years when production numbers were lower.

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10. Can I sell my Cubs baseball cards online?
Yes, you can sell your Cubs baseball cards online through various platforms such as eBay, COMC, or specialized sports card marketplaces.

11. Can damaged Cubs baseball cards still have value?
Damaged Cubs baseball cards may still have some value, but their worth will be significantly lower compared to cards in excellent condition.

12. Should I get my Cubs baseball cards professionally graded?
Getting your Cubs baseball cards professionally graded can increase their value and provide potential buyers with confidence in their authenticity and condition.

13. Can I invest in Cubs baseball cards?
Investing in Cubs baseball cards can be a fun and potentially profitable hobby. However, it’s critical to research the market, track trends, and make informed decisions before investing significant sums of money.

14. What should I do if I inherit a collection of Cubs baseball cards?
If you inherit a collection of Cubs baseball cards, take the time to research and understand their value. It’s advisable to consult with experts to ensure you handle the collection properly and maximize its potential value.


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