Behind the Scenes Photos

How the Equity Stories Were Made

The Equity Stories Project engaged community members from partner organizations across the region in using photography, video, interviews, and personal narratives to tell their stories. Participating organizations had the option of working with filmmaker Tom Miller to tell their stories through video or with photographer Julie Keefe to tell their stories using photography. This page shows behind-the-scenes photos from several of the organizations that chose to tell their stories through photographs.

In each Equity Stories photography workshop, participants interviewed one another using questions that were tailored to that particular group. The questions asked about their day-to-day experiences, their perspectives on their communities, the challenges and opportunities they face, the issues that concern them, and their hopes and dreams for the future. Then participants photographed each other. Each participant selected a quote from their interview that represents the story they want to tell, and then they wrote the quote in their handwriting to go with the photo. 

The interviews also included questions to elicit participants’ perspectives on the equity conditions in their communities. Participants from several of the organizations then went out into the community to capture photos of those issues and to interview people in the community who are affected by the issues. 

Adelante Mujeres