Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

The stakeholder engagement process should use a variety of strategies to gather input and build buy-in from a wide range of groups. This page offers a menu of potential approaches.  
  • Organize topic-specific focus groups and listening sessions with community leaders and organizations.
  • Organize multi-issue focus groups and listening sessions with a broad range of partners, allies, and stakeholders.
  • Hold individual meetings with issue experts, decision-makers, and opinion leaders.

  • Partner with grassroots organizations to hold listening sessions with community members representing a range of geographic areas and demographic groups.
  • Make presentations and gather input at meetings of coalitions and networks working on issues related to the equity atlas project.
  • Conduct an online survey to gather input from a wider range of stakeholders beyond those included in the individual and group meetings.
  • Form an advisory committee to oversee the project and provide connections to key stakeholders throughout the process.