Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 Stakeholder Engagement Process

The Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 project gathered input from hundreds of stakeholders across the Portland metro region through a multistep process that included:

Read a report on the input gathered via the stakeholder engagement process. (PDF)
  • Meetings with jurisdictions: The Equity Atlas team and Metro convened representatives from city, county, and regional governments to gather input on how the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 could support their policy and planning needs.
  • Meetings with coalitions: Input was solicited from eight coalitions and networks representing diverse stakeholders across the region.
  • Focus groups: A series of 19 topic-specific and multi-issue focus groups was held to provide an opportunity for a broad range of stakeholders, issue experts and partners to offer input on the project.
  • Interviews: One on one meetings were held with dozens of key community leaders, issue experts, and core partners.
  • Stakeholder online survey: A broader range of stakeholders, including supporters, neighborhood associations, grassroots leaders, and individual staff from stakeholder organizations, was invited to provide input via two online surveys that had more than 400 respondents.
  • Advisory committee: A 17-member advisory committee was formed, representating a cross-section of geographies, issues, and demographic groups to review the stakeholder input, make final decisions about indicator priorities, and provide guidance on project planning and development.