Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 Indicator Selection Process

Indicator selection for Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 was a year-long process that included:

Read a detailed summary report of the indicator selection process for Regional Equity Atlas 2.0. (PDF)
Find a list of the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 indicators. (PDF)
  • Lessons from the first Regional Equity Atlas: Analyzed the lessons from the original Regional Equity Atlas to assess which indicators should be included in Regional Equity Atlas 2.0
  • Literature review: Reviewed national and local indicator and mapping projects, as well as relevant academic and policy research
  • National expert interviews: Interviewed national experts in the fields of regional equity, opportunity mapping, and specific indicator topic areas
  • Local expert interviews: Interviewed local issue experts to get their input on indicators and data sources within specific topic areas
  • List of indicators: Developed a comprehensive list of potential indicators
  • Data source research: Researched data sources for all of the potential indicators to determine which ones were feasible to map
  • Menu of indicators: Created a menu of potential indicators based on the data source research
  • Stakeholder engagement: Gathered input on the menu of indicators through 19 focus groups, dozens of one-on-one conversations, presentations to eight coalitions, and an online survey
  • Advisory committee: Convened a diverse project advisory committee to review all of the information gathered and provide final input into the selection and prioritization of the indicators