Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 Project Team

The Regional Equity Atlas is a joint project of 1000 Friends of Oregon, Ecotrust, and Futurewise.  Equity Atlas version 2.0 was developed through collaborations involving numerous public and private partners. Primary members of the project development team were Coalition for a Livable Future, Metro (Portland’s regional government), and Portland State University’s Institute for Metropolitan Studies (IMS).

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Project Team


Coalition for a Livable Future

Coalition for a Livable Future (now closed) was a diverse partnership of organizations and individuals working together to create a more equitable and sustainable Portland metro region.

As the project sponsor, CLF led the planning and project management, conducted all stakeholder engagement, facilitated the indicator selection process, assisted with data gathering, developed the content for the interpretive website, and led the outreach and engagement.



Metro is the Portland metropolitan area’s regional government. Metro works with communities, businesses, and residents to create a vibrant and sustainable region for all.

Metro developed the mapping tool, assisted with data gathering and preparation, loaded the data into the mapping platform, and provided technical expertise and guidance on how the tool might be utilized by governments and stakeholders.


Portland State University’s Institute for Metropolitan Studies

Portland State University’s Institute for Metropolitan Studies convenes regional partners and conducts objective policy research to stimulate dialogue and action to address critical regional issues. 

IMS provided methodological expertise, played a lead role in gathering and preparing data for the mapping tool, wrote the user manual, and conducted technical trainings.