Outreach and Education Materials

You will need to develop a range of materials to support your outreach and education strategies. This page offers a menu of ideas, along with links to sample materials from the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0.
Click the links below for sample outreach and education materials for Regional Equity Atlas 2.0:
  • Communications strategy: Messaging and outreach plans for social media, news media, email, etc.
  • Brochure: A well-designed brochure that explains the project and provides links to the website
  • Map list: A list of all of the equity atlas maps (or the indicators, if it’s an online mapping tool)
  • Workshop presentation: A standardized PowerPoint presentation that can be adapted for workshops of different lengths and with different audiences
  • User manual: A technical guide that can also serve as a training manual
  • Demo: A short, engaging demonstration that can be used for presentations and events
  • Video: A short video that introduces the project and its findings
  • Inquiries Web page: A Web page that allows stakeholders to request presentations, trainings, and technical assistance