Outreach and Education Activities

Outreach and education activities should be tailored to fit the project’s goals, the needs and priorities of the equity atlas’s potential users, and the local organizational and political context. This page offers a menu of potential types of activities to include in your outreach and education strategy.
Click here for examples of the types of workshops and trainings conducted for Regional Equity Atlas 2.0.
  • Release event: A celebratory event that is widely publicized and used to unveil the project to stakeholders, partners, and the media

  • Media strategy: Media alerts about the equity atlas and its findings, along with trainings to encourage local media to use the maps in their reporting

  • Introductory workshops: Workshops that focus on the equity atlas findings and implications for local policy and planning

  • Technical trainings: Trainings that provide users with technical information and hands-on support to enable them to effectively use the equity atlas maps and data in their work

  • Customized workshops: Workshops that focus on maps and data of particular interest to a specific audience, developed in partnership with the sponsoring organization

  • Coaching: Consulting and technical assistance to help organizations develop strategies for using the equity atlas data and maps to guide their programs, policies, and investments

  • White papers: Partnering with advocates and issue experts to examine specific equity issues in greater depth and develop policy recommendations

  • Storytelling: Engaging people who are directly affected by disparities in examining equity conditions in their communities