Identify Your Target Audience

Different types of users will connect with the equity atlas maps and data in different ways, so your project design should be guided by an assessment of the interests, capacities, and needs of your intended audiences.  

Questions to consider when identifying your audience:

  • Who are the target audiences that you want the equity atlas to inform or influence?
  • What issues and types of data and maps will be most compelling to the target audiences?
  • Will the target audiences access the equity atlas information directly by engaging with the maps or will they rely on information that is interpreted from the maps?
  • Who are the primary users of the equity atlas (i.e., the people who will be directly engaging with the maps to inform their own decision-making and/or to create information to share with the target audiences)?
  • How will the primary users engage with the equity atlas?
  • What are the primary users’ levels of technical expertise?
  • What formats and types of maps will be most useful and accessible to the primary users?
  • If the primary users’ levels of expertise vary, how can you accommodate these variations in the project design?