Goals of Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement during the project’s planning and development phase should be designed to achieve the following goals: 
  • Introduce the concept of equity to a wide range of stakeholders and gather input on how equity should be defined in the context of local policy and planning.
  • Build the equity atlas project’s credibility as an inclusive, participatory effort.
  • Gather input on how the project can meet the needs of key partners and stakeholders.
  • Get input on which indicators to map.
  • Gather suggestions for potential data sources.
  • Connect with potential partners, supporters, and contributors.
  • Inform people about how they can get involved with the project.
  • Foster coordination and alignment with related projects.
  • Gather ideas for how the project can most effectively impact policy and planning.
  • Build buy-in for the project from organizations and agencies that may be potential sources of future support.
  • Set the stage for the stakeholder engagement that will happen after the equity atlas is released.