Develop a Project Work Plan

A project work plan should include a detailed scope of work, a timeline, and roles and deliverables for each partner and contributor to the project. The work plan should be framed by the decisions you made during the initial planning phase.

Tips for Developing Your Equity Atlas Work Plan

  • Equity atlases are complex projects with multiple moving parts. Build time into your work plan for unexpected challenges and delays.
  • Be prepared for the initial work plan to evolve and change as you proceed with implementation.
  • Document the decisions you make during the planning and development of the project to help you explain your decisions to external stakeholders or make midcourse modifications if needed.
  • Make sure all project partners have a shared understanding and commitment to the project work plan, timeline, scope of work, and roles and responsibilities.
  • Use formal written agreements (e.g., memoranda of understanding, commitment letters, contracts) to ensure that all project partners and contributors will be accountable to the work plan.
  • Plan to hold regular check-in meetings with project partners and contributors to assess progress in the work plan implementation and make midcourse corrections as needed.
  • Consider how you will sustain the project after the equity atlas is released. This includes outreach and education, updating the data and analysis over time, and ongoing maintenance.