Colton Helping Hands Food Bank

The Colton Helping Hands Food Bank provides food and other essential services to low-income residents of Colton, an unincorporated rural community located between the cities of Estacada and Molalla in Clackamas County.

Volunteers and customers of the food bank participated in a series of interviews about their community, the struggles that low-income families face in rural Clackamas County, and the role of the food bank in helping to meet residents’ needs.

Colton Helping Hands volunteer manager, Donna Fix, talks about the role of the food bank in a rural community with no grocery stores nearby, and with limited transportation options. Donna also shares some stories of Food Bank customers and their struggles with poverty, housing, and food access.


Jeff Nelson, a volunteer and customer at Colton Helping Hands, talks about the supportive community in Colton and the challenges faced by local residents.


Traci Burkheimer, a Colton Helping Hands customer, talks about her struggles with food insecurity, unemployment, and transportation.


Rebecca Hunt, a Colton Helping Hands volunteer, talks about the food bank’s customers and the challenges they face.